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Emotional support, share knowledge, teach skills and connect people with resources

On Scene Support

Stress counselors at the scene of stressful incidents that help to deal with stress reduction.



A confidential, non-evaluative discussion of an incident with a professional who understands the dynamic thoughts and feelings involved with traumatic events.

How Can a Peer Support Team of Firefighters Help?

Post traumatic stress (PTS), which when untreated and ignored, can lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Experience and research have shown members of the military, police and fire services often find it difficult to talk with others outside our profession about their feelings and emotions after a traumatic incident. Some feel they want to shield their family from troubles of the job. Some find that people (outside the service) don't understand or "get it".


So why would speaking with another firefighter be helpful? Members find it difficult to speak with therapists because they don't really understand. They may empathize, but they truly don't know. That is where we come in. We can listen, we have been there. We can assist and we can also get additional help if needed.

Who We Are

The Peer Support Program consists of volunteer Peer Support Team Mentors who have had training in active listening skills, referral and crisis intervention. This includes common issues and feelings associated with critical stress. These volunteers are trained to provide support and reassurance to fellow members who are experiencing job or personal stress, a critical incident and/or are in crisis. Peers will not break confidentiality unless the person is a danger to himself/herself or to others. Peer support is not to be considered a substitute for professional counseling. Peer Support members are not trained mental health professionals; they are peer support providers. All peer support activities shall be voluntary. It is only meant to be an extra available resource to the members when needed. Members may choose to utilize or reject Peer Support services.

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